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Valley Relics Museum

We have a large collection of ephemera relating to the San Fernando Valley- restaurant menus, newspapers, concert flyers, photography, post cards, and more- much of which was donated directly by community members.

Venice Heritage Foundation

Archives consist of unique historical artifacts and memorabilia that are specific to Venice of America history.

Virginia Robinson Gardens

Collection Description: Virginia Robinson Gardens, built in 1911, was the first estate in Beverly Hills. Today, it is listed on the national registry of historic sites. Social doyenne, art collector and philanthropist Mrs. Virginia Robinson resided in the house for thirty years and, before her death in 1977, she gave it to Los Angeles County for the public to enjoy. This historic estate, which…

Visual Communications

Based in the Little Tokyo area of Downtown Los Angeles, VC was founded in 1970 by a group of pioneering independent filmmakers to record, collect, and preserve a visual record of Asian Pacific American cultural heritage. VC originally worked as a film collective, concentrating on honestly portraying accurate images of Asian Americans and meticulously capturing pivotal social movements.

Voces del Teatro: An Oral History of Latin Theatre in Modern Los Angeles

Collection consists of 20 hour-long video/audio oral history interviews comprising 10 artistic directors and 10 veteran performers from the Latinx theatre community in Los Angeles from the mid 1960s to the present. We hope to record 40 more interviews in the near future, continuing this effort forward into the 21st century as Latinx theatre in Los Angeles grows and evolves. We also hope to include…