Archives At Risk Committee

The LA as Subject Archives At Risk Committee is tasked with creating assessment and support resources for LAAS member archives facing change. From 2020 to early 2021 the Committee's core mission is to create a regularly maintained organizational and collection management self-assessment program to help caretakers of Los Angeles related archival materials make their own informed decisions. The self-assessment process will include a pre-defined amount of support from peers and archivists on the standing Committee, and consider the challenges specific to archives in the Greater Los Angeles region. The Committee's goal is to have an assessment program pilot running by mid-2021.

The Committee began its work in January 2020, prior to the pandemic's local arrival, and is centered on helping archival caretakers thoughtfully manage change before their situation becomes an archives emergency. However, the Committee will take into account the ways that the current crisis is impacting our local archives community, and will endeavor to share timely, relevant information.

Current Committee Members:

  • Anitra Bishop
  • Stella Castillo
  • Mallory Furnier
  • Crystal Johnson
  • Suzi Noruschat
  • Hilary Swett
  • Julie Yamashita
  • Jackie Zak


To get in touch with the Committee, please contact Mallory Furnier (email).