Archives At Risk Committee

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Helping caretakers of Los Angeles related archival materials make informed decisions about their collections by providing approachable guidance.

SAVE THE DATE! On Tuesday, November 8th from 2:30-3:30pm (on Zoom), AARC Committee members will present on the creation of the Committee and our self-assessment program, reflect on the 2022 pilot program, and share information on opportunities to participate next year. Register here to receive a link to the event.

The Archives at Risk Committee (AARC) is engaged in creating support resources for LAAS member archives needing, anticipating, or facing change - before any of these changes become an archives emergency. The committee’s core mission is piloting a collection self-assessment program and providing an online “Help Desk” style FAQ aimed at helping caretakers of Los Angeles related archival materials make their own informed decisions. At the end of the self-assessment program, and after meeting with committee members, each participating archive receives a final report offering a “roadmap” to help them move forward.The program is a great way for collection stewards to take a pulse check and have a “second set of eyes” assess their archive.

Current Committee Members:

  • Stella Castillo
  • Michele Fricke
  • Mallory Furnier
  • Suzi Noruschat
  • Hilary Swett
  • Julie Yamashita

Previous Committee Members:

  • Crystal Johnson
  • Jackie Zak
  • Anitra Bishop

To get in touch with the Committee, please contact Mallory Furnier (email).