Directory Portal FAQ

This page is to help L.A. as Subject Archive Members update and add content to their Directory profile.

What is the purpose of the L.A. as Subject Directory Portal?

The main purpose of the L.A. as Subject Directory Portal is to connect the public to the institutions and individuals caring for, collecting, and making accessible the primary sources that document the histories of Los Angeles and the surrounding regions. For the Directory to continue to be robust and relevant, it requires active and collective maintenance by the entirety of the L.A. as Subject archive membership.  Click here to read the full Purpose Statement.

How do I update my Directory Profile page?

View "Updating Your Collection Information on the L.A. as Subject Directory" tutorial on the LAAS YouTube channel here.

How do I update specific sections of my Directory profile?

Your L.A. as Subject Directory profile is a gateway to promote, advocate for, and bring awareness about your collections to the general public. The Directory allows you to provide up to date contact and repository information; collection descriptions; news and event announcements; photo galleries; and build affinity groups with other L.A. as Subject archive members. See below for step-by-step video guides on how to update and add to each section of your Directory page.

How often should I update my Directory profile?

It is recommended that you check your Directory links and information at least once a year. The L.A. as Subject Directory Portal receives the highest number of visits the few weeks before and after the annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar event in October, therefore, a good time to update and add to your profile is in late Summer or early Fall. Also, please make sure to update any information after any personnel changes or additions.

How do I know my institution or collection is entered in the L.A. as Subject Directory Portal?

To check if your collection or institution is entered in the Directory, go to the L.A. as Subject Directory page and search by your collection or institution name. Some collections may have changed names through the years, so you may need to search by keywords. If you know the exact name of your collection or institution, use the A-Z browse option also located on the Directory page.

Where do I go if I want to be added to the L.A. as Subject Directory?

If you wish to have your collection added to the Directory, you must first request to become a member and choose which type of member suits your situation best. Only LAAS archive members (those with archive collections) will be entered in the Directory.

Why can only archive members be entered into the Directory?

L.A. as Subject has three types of members- archive members, research members, and student members. Archive members are institutions, organizations, and individuals owning, holding, or administering primary resources related to Los Angeles history. The Directory is designed to be an invaluable publicly available resource that connects researchers to primary source collections and other rare material which are held by archive members. Research and student members are individuals interested in studying the archives that document Los Angeles history. Please refer to the L.A. as Subject Charter and the L.A. as Subject Directory Portal Purpose Statement for more information.