Executive Committee Voting for 2024-2026 NOW OPEN

Online voting for the incoming 2024-2026 L.A. as Subject Executive Committee members is now open.

Read nominee statements.

Cast your ballot.

Voting will close on Monday, June 18 at 11:59PM. Incoming L.A. as Subject Executive Committee members will be announced on the L.A. as Subject listserv. 

The primary responsibility of the Executive Committee is to plan the activities of L.A. as Subject for the coming year, based upon suggestions, interests, and concerns of the general membership, and guided by the Mission Statement.

The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, establish any number of ad hoc or permanent committees to achieve the objectives that fall within its responsibilities, especially as it related to the areas of membership; visibility and access; services to archives; research, scholarship, and collection usage and development; and advocacy.

The term of office for all elected officers shall run from the August 2024 LAAS meeting to the August 2026 LAAS meeting.

For more a detailed description about the Executive Committee responsibilities and duties, please refer to the LAAS Charter, Section III and IV.