Avery Clayton Spirit Award

Avery Clayton (1947-2009), founder of the Mayme A. Clayton Library and longtime active member of LA as Subject, was a consummate gentleman and gifted colleague devoted to the ideals of the archival profession. His passionate dedication, unceasing enthusiasm, endless curiosity and unvarying kindness to friend and stranger alike define him as a man with class in the highest and best sense of the word.

Avery’s mission to “bring it to the world” with reference to the premiere collection of African American history assembled by his mother, Mayme A. Clayton, embodied many of the aspirations and goals that he shared with the greater archival community.  This mission also reflects the mission of LA as Subject, to identify, preserve, and disseminate the primary sources for the cultural, economic, ethnic, political, and social history of the Los Angeles region.

In recognition of his life’s work, the Avery Clayton Spirit Award was established by the LA as Subject Executive Committee in 2010 and is given out at the post-Archives Bazaar reception.

The recipient of this annual award is selected by an Awards Committees made up by the L.A. as Subject Executive Committee and past Avery Clayton Award recipient. However, any L.A. as Subject member can submit nominations to the Awards Committee for any institution, organization or individual that embodies Avery’s spirit of dedication and energy in working to identify, preserve, and share LA and Southern California history.

The nominee need not be an LA as Subject member. 

Past Avery Clayton Spirit Awardees:

2010: Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum (Photo: USC)

2011: Carol Wells (Photo: Florante Ibanez)

2012: Cynni Murphy (Photo: Needed)

2013: Wally Shidler (Photo: Needed)

2014: Ernest “Ernie” Marquez (Photo: Florante Ibanez)

2015: Karen Stokes (Photo: USC)

2016: Florante Ibanez (Photo: USC and Florante Ibanez)

2017: Sue Hodson

2018: David Boule

2019: A break from the award to recognize the Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum’s loss of space and the establishment of a tentatively titled Archives At Risk Committee

2020: Guadalupe Rosales