University of California, Los Angeles, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library

2520 Cimarron Street
Los Angeles, CA 90018
United States
Rebecca Fenning Marschall
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The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library is a rare books and manuscripts collection, with particular strengths in English literature and history (1641–1800), Oscar Wilde, and fine printing. Though the majority of the Clark's collections are focused on Great Britain, the library still maintains significant Los Angeles-related collections. In particular, the library's collections in the fields of fine printing and graphic arts contain personal archives, published works and original art by Los Angeles-area fine printers and artists such as Ward Ritchie, Paul Landacre, Saul and Lillian Marks (Plantin Press), Patrick Reagh, Vance Gerry (Weatherbird Press), and Grant Dahlstrom. The Clark's own institutional archive contains materials on the library's founder, William Andrews Clark, Jr. (a patron of the arts in Los Angeles and a founder of the Los Angeles Philharmonic), the library's growth as a part of UCLA from 1934 to the present, and various plans, drawings and other materials related to the library's 1924-1926 design and construction by architect Robert D. Farquhar.

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Los Angeles region


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The majority of collections are searchable through the UCLA online library catalog and the Online Archive of California. Some manuscript material is only accessible through an onsite card catalog.
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