University of California, Los Angeles, Geography Air Photo Archives

1221D Bunche Hall, Box 951524
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1524
United States
Ms. Kasi McMurray

Archives and Collections

The UCLA Geography Air Photo Archives houses two of the most extensive collections of historic oblique aerial photography available to the pubic anywhere. Oblique aerials are taken at an angle and are easily understood. The Fairchild National Collection contains most cities in the United States and many towns circa 1922 through 1965. The Spence Collection contains coverage of the Western Region of the U.S. but is concentrated on Southern California circa 1920 through 1971.Together they comprise an unsurpassed visual record of mid-twentieth century American urban development. We have over 80,000 prints and 113,000 negatives. We also have Thomas Brothers map guides dating from the 1940s to the present. Please call for appointment @ (310) 206-8188.

Regions covered: 
Extensive coverage of California (especially the Los Angeles area) and miscellaneous photos of Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and other western states.
Time Period: