Long Beach Collection, Long Beach Public Library

101 Pacific Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90822
United States
Lauren Nguyen

Archives and Collections

Description of Collection: 

The Long Beach Collection preserves a variety of materials documenting the history of Long Beach. These include approximately one hundred audiotaped interviews, which were gathered in 1980 through an oral history project; over five thousand photographs of places and events in Long Beach; two hundred cubic feet of pamphlets and clippings arranged by broad subject categories; two hundred linear feet of cultural artifacts such as scrapbooks, directories, and time capsules; fifty maps of the City of Long Beach; one hundred videos produced by the City of Long Beach for the local cable channel; and two hundred linear feet of books and City of Long Beach documents. The library’s project to retrospectively index articles about the city’s history published in local newspapers between 1890 and 1965 is nearing completion; a database of the indexed materials may be accessed at the library.

Regions covered: 
City of Long Beach


Institution Type: 
Catalog System: 
Approximately 1/3 of collection is cataloged with the rest of the library’s holdings. Card files arranged by broad subject headings provide information about holdings in pamphlet files, cultural artifacts, video and audio material, etc.
Digital Formats: 
80% of local newspaper index is in digital form. Completion of project anticipated in 2000.
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