Institute for Baseball Studies

Whittier College, Mendenhall Building
13406 E. Philadelphia Street, Room 310
Whittier, CA 90608
United States
Prof. Joseph L. Price
(562) 907-4803


Archives and Collections

The Institute for Baseball Studies is the first humanities-based research center of its kind associated with a college or university in the United States. The Institute is a collaborative effort of Whittier College administrators and faculty members, and the Baseball Reliquary. The Institute's research collection includes books and periodicals, the papers of distinguished baseball historians and journalists, the Baseball Reliquary's organizational history and documentation, and a variety of materials that supports multifaceted and interdisciplinary studies at Whittier College, and that prompts the exchange of ideas, the development of research initiatives, and the creation of public symposia and programs highlighting baseball's significance in American culture.

Regions covered: 
United States and Southern California region