Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Margaret Herrick Library

Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study
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Rachel Bernstein
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The Margaret Herrick Library collects a wide range of materials documenting film as both an art form and an industry. Its holdings include photographs, posters, books, periodicals, screenplays, oral histories, and extensive clippings files on people, films, and companies. The clippings files are organized under five headings: production, biography, general subject, festivals and awards, and Academy history. The general subject files contain clippings and photographs regarding aspects of Los Angeles such as homes, studios, motion picture theaters, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, Los Angeles as a location, educational and cultural institutions, theme parks, and landmarks; labor disputes and the formation of industry-related unions and guilds are also extensively documented in the general subject files. The Academy history files provide coverage of that very Los Angeles-based activity—the Academy Awards. The library's Special Collections contain materials relating to the careers of numerous directors, producers, actors, and other craftspeople and their filmmaking work in Los Angeles. Dating from the early 1900s to the present, the materials in Special Collections include scripts in various drafts, personal and business correspondence, production memoranda, sketches, clippings, music scores, recordings, scrapbooks, artifacts, and photographs.

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The online catalog includes bibliographic records for the library’s holdings of books, periodicals, scripts and posters, as well as information about archival collections. Detailed inventories for archival collections, photograph holdings, and production art are available on the library's web site.
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Margaret Herrick Library Digital Collections, available to the public on the Academy's web site, highlights items from library's collections, including photographs, correspondence, sheet music, film periodicals, lobby cards, and ephemera. Posters are scanned and described in the library catalog. Costume and production design drawings as well as other artwork may be viewed in the Production Art database. The Digital Image Gallery (available in-house only) contains more than 80,000 scanned photographs selected from the library's vast holdings.
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