What's your #LAarchivesstory?

As part of LA as Subject's 25th anniversary year, we're using social media to share personal perspectives on the ways Los Angeles archives are vital elements in shaping how we see ourselves, our communities, and our history. We’re launching #LAarchivesstory as a way to highlight the important stories told by archival materials, and to increase awareness of the importance and function of Los Angeles archives.

Have you encountered an item in the archives that:

  • Tells your family's Los Angeles story?
  • Defines your neighborhood?
  • Changed Los Angeles history or the way that you tell history as a writer, educator, Angeleno, or citizen of the world?
  • Helped you understand someone or something better?
  • Or even led you to have an emotional reaction?

Great! You have an #LAarchivesstory! Help us increase awareness of Los Angeles archives and the stories they tell by adding your own #LAarchivesstory to the mix. There are 3 easy steps to join the #LAarchivesstory celebration:

  1. Using any social media network (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), share an image or link to an image of one specific Los Angeles related item from an archive. It could be a map, a letter, a flyer, a brick - anything from a historical collection (including personal archives)!
  2. Include brief text about why this Los Angeles archival item is meaningful or important to you.
  3. Tag the item #LAarchivesstory.

Don't have a social media account? No problem! Email Stella Castillo, LA as Subject Community Archives Specialist, at stellaca@usc.edu for details on how to share your #LAarchivesstory through LA as Subject social media.