Little Tokyo Historical Society 2017 Calendar Now Available

“Favorite Foods:  Made in Little Tokyo”—the Little Tokyo Historical Society’s (LTHS) 2017 calendar is now available!  Photographs of yesteryear and contemporary foods and restaurants include the first sushi bar (Kawafuku), Umeya rice crackers, California Roll (Tokyo Kaikan), fortune cookie (Fugetsudo), fusion food (JiST Cafe), and imagawayaki (Mitsuru Cafe).  Michael Okamura, president of LTHS said, “The theme of the calendar was an easy choice as 132 year old Little Tokyo is not only a cultural destination, but foodies flock to the neighborhood for the tastiest Japanese food in Los Angeles and to experience the latest Japanese foods craze.”  Month by month you will appreciate the beautiful design layouts and also learn about the history of each featured food in Little Tokyo, but also the restaurant or shop that still exists or closed long ago but retains special memories.  LTHS is observing its 10th Anniversary this year and continues to focus on researching and discovering the historical resources, stories and connections of sites, buildings, and events related to Little Tokyo as an ethnic heritage neighborhood of Los Angeles.  LTHS is committed to documenting, preserving and sharing the history and personal stories of Little Tokyo and its residents.  For information about LTHS, please visit the website at