LA as Subject Meeting Notes

Meeting notes for the LA as Subject general membershp meeting held on October 11, 2016 and the Executive Committee held on October 5, 2016 are included below.

General meeting- October 11, 2016


Attendees: G. Watkins, T. Savio, S. MacAdams, J. Hough, H. Wenger, C. Luna, A. Parks, S. Castillo, A. Adkins, S. Luftschein, D. Holmes Wong, K. Choy, H. Teltoe, D. Stieber, S. Gazin, D. Boulé, F. Ibenez, A. Sanders, A. Diaz, H. Yang, P. Hansen, S. Ito, A. May, A. Watanabe-Rocco, C. Brown, P. Brown, E. Suleer, W. Shidler, T. Gaskill, L. Posas

2016-2017 LAAS Executive Committee:

  • Co-Chairs – Holli Teltoe and Edward Sumcad
  • Secretary – David Boulé
  • Social Media Manager – Angel Diaz
  • Additional EC members: Jessica Hough, Katie Richardson, Sue Luftschein

Archives Bazaar:

  • Reviewed “Exhibitor’s Guidelines” packet, volunteers, exhibitor areas and parking tips
  • Shared details of the 10/10/16 KTLA News coverage

History Keepers:

  • Second year for this project: 30 LAAS organizations participated; 3,000 visitors over the three week run
    • Draws new audiences: both locals and tourists.
  • Article posted on CA. Historical Society (CHS) website.
  • Exhibit is a significant way of sharing with the general public the importance of preservation
  • Discussed holding again in 2017. Some of the challenges:
    • Development time: Need to start organizing much earlier. Suggested that a planning committee be established
    • Staging exhibit is expensive; how could costs be shared by LAAS membership?
    • Exhibit can only be up three weeks (because of the Pueblo’s charter)
      • Might request double this time (six weeks) from Pueblo, because LAAS represents over 200 organizations, and thirty or more participate
      • Investigate staging in the exhibit space on “the bridge” at City Hall
    • Exhibit space is not environmental stable (e.g., not climate controlled)
    • Because of limited staff at CHS, holding again would require commitment from a number of LAAS institutions/individuals to share the work in organizing and staging
    • Possibly have opening reception on Sat. or Sun. afternoon
    • Potential 2017 theme: “Entertaining Los Angeles.” Could include subjects like entertainment industry, sports, theater, the arts, parks, recreation, museums, libraries, and more…

Getty/Pacific Standard Time (PST) and LA/LA:

  • In spring 2014, the Getty Foundation announced grants to forty arts institutions across Southern California for research and planning of an ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art called Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA. This new collaboration takes a fresh look at vital and vibrant traditions in Latino and Latin American art through 46 exhibitions and events from San Diego to Santa Barbara opening in September 2017.
  • Through its development of a new exhibition, the CA Historical Society (CHS) has discovered a number of Hispanic artists, and artist’s families, that have important archives of their work, and are challenged with what to do with them, how to preserve them, and how to find repositories for them. These artists and their families worry about what will happen to their archives after their passing.
  • CHS proposed the idea that LAAS could help provide solutions to these concerns by:
    • Holding information panel and/or workshops for artists/families, lead by LAAS professionals
      • Importance of meta-data, like dating of materials
      • Team with A.R.L.S.
    • Assisting with assessing collections
    • Helping to identify appropriate institutions that might accept the archives
    • Offering preservation instruction
  • LAAS might approach The Getty with assisting with, and possibly funding, some of the above
  • Potential to weave these efforts into the next History Keepers exhibit

LAAS Social Media Workshop:

  • Organized in response to survey of how LAAS members use social media
  • Hands-on workshop was held Sept. 26 at the USC Doheny Library. Led by LAAS IMLS grant interns Stella Castillo and Amelia Parks.
  • Attendees included universities, historical societies, and archives. They each received:
    • Information packets and toolkit
    • Links to more information
    • List of popular hashtags and sites
  • Focused on:
    • Posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Explored how these platforms interact and how to utilize
  • Discussed hashtags and how they work
  • Considered ways to increase efficiency and reduce time spent on social media
  • Discussed methods of standardization so that anyone can post
  • Article on workshop is posted on LAAS website


  • Tuesday, December 13
  • 10:00 – Noon
  • Location TBD
  • Annual “Un-meeting” – Discussions groups, food, fun

Executive Committee meeting- October 5, 2016

Attendees: L. Posas, H. Teltoe, E. Sumcad, J. Hough, D. Boulé, S. Luftschein, A. Diaz

2016-2017 Executive Committee Term:


  • Co-Chairs: Holli Teltoe (agendas) and Ed Sumcad
  • Secretary: David Boulé (meeting minutes & posting)
  • Social media manager/LAAS website: Angel Diaz
  • Grants: Liza, other members

Org chart: request by Edward Sumcad


History Keepers:

  • Wrap-up report in-progress; will be shared at 10/11 General Meeting
  • Exhibit drew 2,728 visitors
  • Discussed possible strategy of holding History Keepers annually or, perhaps, switch to every other year (possibly alternating with the Archives Bazaar)
    • Strategy will be on agenda for 10/11 General Meeting


Archives Bazaar Program Committee:

  • Program finalized
  • Discussed public relations/marketing, and need for media kit that members can use
  • Discussed ways to track attendance
    • Research daily average (or Saturday average), and subtract from attendance on the Archives Bazaar

Working to schedule a meeting with Hugh McHarg, associate dean for programs and planning, USC Libraries – to discuss LAAS objectives and plans. Aiming for week of Nov. 14-18th

Need to schedule next E.C. meeting (and determine location): week of Nov. 14th-18st

December GM meeting: E. Sumcad looking into possible LA County location.

Executive Committee have decide to concentrate on three (3) major objectives for this term:

  • Acting on the Sustainability Report
  • Implementing LA County + LA as Subject collaboration- CHRAB SCA
  • Executing and completion of IMLS grant


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