Archives Bazaar Reference Room Schedule

Chat live with L.A. as Subject members and Archives Bazaar exhibitors. They will be on hand to answer your questions about all things Archives Bazaar; Los Angeles history; and the awesome world of archives. See schedule below arranged by organization and by time slot.


California Historical Society, 10am-11am

California Rare Book School, 11am-12pm

California State Archives, 1pm-2pm

California State Library, 11am-12am

California State University, Los Angeles, 11am-12pm

Caltech Archives and Special Collections, 1pm-2pm

Chinese American Museum, 10am-11am

Claremont Heritage, 1pm-2pm

Compton 125 Historical Society, 3pm-4pm

CSU, Northridge, 11am-12pm

Gerth Archives and Special Collections, CSU Dominguez Hills, 11am-12pm

Historical Society of Long Beach, 11am-12pm

Hollywood Heritage, 3pm-4pm

LA84 Foundation, 10am-11am

LAAS Residency Program, 10am-11am

Los Angeles City Archives, 3pm-4pm

Los Angeles Union Station Historical Society, 11am-12pm

Marina Del Rey Historical Society, 10am-12pm; 1-2pm; 3-4pm

Palos Verdes Library District Local History Center, 1pm-2pm

Rancho Los Cerritos, 10am-11am

San Fernando Valley Historical Society, 1pm-2pm

Silver Lake History Collective, 1pm-2pm

Society of California Archivists, 1pm-2pm

Southern California Genealogical Society, 1pm-2pm

Special Collections, The Claremont Colleges, 3pm-4pm

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, 11am-12pm

The Wende Museum, 3pm-4pm

UCLA Film & Television Archive, 10am-11am

USC Special Collections, 10am-11am

Visual Communications, 11am-12pm

Workman & Temple Family Homestead Museum, 11am-12pm

Writers Guild Foundation, 11am-12pm

Zoellner Quartet Archive, 10am-11am



California Historical Society- Frances Kaplan

Chinese American Museum- Rachelle Shumard

LA84 Foundation- Shirley Ito

LAAS Residency Program- Crystal Johnson, Azatuhi Babayan, Gerard Collins

Marina Del Rey Historical Society, Howard Wegner

Rancho Los Cerritos- Sarah FitzGerald

UCLA Film & Television Archive- Maya Montañez Smukler

USC Special Collections- Claude Zachary

Zoellner Quartet Archive- Alexandra Foley, Liane Schirmer

11:00am -- 12:00pm

California Rare Book School-  Sam Regal, Liza Mardoyan, Kathryn Brunet, and Dione Surdez

California State Library- Sue Tyson

California State University, Los Angeles- Azalea Camacho

CSU-  Northridge- Julieta Garcia, Mallory Furnier

Gerth Archives and Special Collections, CSU Dominguez Hills- Beth McDonald

Historical Society of Long Beach- Tristan Willenburg

Los Angeles Union Station Historical Society- Mal Granger

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley- Michel (Michael) Stevens

Visual Communications- Abraham Ferrer

Workman & Temple Family Homestead Museum- Michelle Muro

Writers Guild Foundation- Hilary Swett

12:00pm-1:00pm BREAK

1:00pm to 2:00pm

California State Archives- Sebastian Nelson, Ignacio Sanchez-Alonso

Caltech Archives and Special Collections- Elisa Piccio

Claremont Heritage- Julia Bourbois

Palos Verdes Library District Local History Center- Monique Sugimoto

San Fernando Valley Historical Society- Phyllis Hansen

Silver Lake History Collective- Cheryl Revkin

Society of California Archivists- Alix Norton

Southern California Genealogical Society- Charlotte Bocage

2:00pm to 3:00pm BREAK

3:00pm to 4:00pm

Compton 125 Historical Society- Charles Brown

Hollywood Heritage- Alan H. Simon

Los Angeles City Archives- Michael Holland

Special Collections, The Claremont Colleges- Lisa Crane, Michael Palmer, and Dorran Boyle

The Wende Museum- Christine Rank