LA as Subject FAQ

Q: What is the funding source for LA as Subject?

A: LA as Subject is an autonomous organization hosted by the USC Libraries.  USC Libraries supports collaborative projects, most especially the annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar and the KCET Lost LA series. USC Libraries also provides support for the development of grant-funded collaborative projects. Other LA as Subject members are also encouraged to provide support to go towards approved LA as Subject collaborative projects and special events. 


Q: Who is eligible to become a member?

A: LA as Subject membership is open to any public or private institution, organization, or individual committed to identifying, preserving, and disseminating the primary records of the cultural, economic, ethnic, political, and social history of the Los Angeles region. There are 3 types of members- archive members, research members, and student members. Please visit the LA as Subject "Become a Member" page.


Q: Who is eligible to be on the LAAS listserv?

A: The LA as Subject listserv (or discussion list) it open to the general public. It is not exclusive to only members. If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe from the LAAS listserv, please email


Q: Who can participate in the Archives Bazaar?

A: Members in good standing receive priority for exhibiting at the annual Archives Bazaar. For a description of what constitutes a member to be in good standing, please read section II.C of the LA as Subject Charter.


Q: When is the annual Archives Bazaar?

A: The annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar is always held on a Saturday in October when the USC football team is scheduled to play an away game. For this reason, the date in October varies from year to year.


Q: I want to put together a program or event related to LA as Subject. How can we collaborate?

A: LA as Subject members can propose special projects, events, and ad hoc committees that help advance the goals and mission stated in the LA as Subject Charter. Events must be free and open to LA as Subject members. Special events and projects can include, but is not limited to, educational workshops, special tours of member sites, exhibit development, and long-term collaborative projects. Requests will be reviewed by the LA as Subject Executive Committee. To get started, please fill out the proposal form and allow 4-8 weeks for a response.


Q: How did LA as Subject start?

A: The LA as Subject Archives Forum was originally convened in 1997 by the Getty Research Institute as the LA as Subject Advisory Forum to support the work of its four-year research project, L.A. as Subject (1995–1999). The Advisory Forum produced the landmark print publication Cultural Inheritance/L.A.: A Directory of Less-Visible Archives and Collections in the Los Angeles Region (Getty Research Institute, 1999) and simultaneously released a companion online database.


Q: Why does LA as Subject exist?

A: LA as Subject is a collaborative of organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the visibility, access, research, and preservation of archives and collections documenting the rich history of the Los Angeles region. LA as Subject seeks to articulate the challenges posed by the large and complex subject of “Los Angeles,” broadly defined, with its diverse languages, peoples, neighborhoods, geography, institutions, environments, cultures, and histories. LA as Subject provides opportunities for networking among all our members and with the larger public on the major issues affecting archives and collections pertaining to Los Angeles.


Q: I’m not an archivist. How can I get involved with LA as Subject?

A: You do not have to be an archivist to get involved with LA as Subject. LA as Subject collaborates with members and non-members alike. To review the various LA as Subject activities and membership profiles, please visit the LA as Subject website


Q: How can I update my organization’s directory entry?

A: To update the directory entry for your collection or membershp information, please contact the LA as Subject Coordinator, Liza Posas at


Q: Can I submit for a grant application identifying LA as Subject as an official collaborative partner?

A: Yes, all members are encouraged to apply for grants. However, before grant proposals are drafted, members should recieve approval from the Executive COmmitte and possibly the general membership. Please eview the criteria for LAAS Collaborative Special Events and Projects described in the Members Area segment of the LAAS website and fill out a proposal form.


Q: What happens at the LAAS general membership meetings?

A: LA as Subject General Membership meetings are held the 2nd Tuesdays of February, April, June, August, October and December from 10am-12pm. Membership meetings provide an opportunity to meet with other LAAS members, tour archival facilities in a diverse array of repositories, share knowledge, and discuss topics relevant to membership. Those who are not LAAS members are also welcome to attend by invitaton to learn more about the organization. Agendas for each meeting are posted on the LAAS website in advance.