University of California, Los Angeles, Institute for Social Science Research, Social Science Data Ar

4317 Public Policy Building, Box 951484
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1484
United States
Ms. Elizabeth Stephenson

Archives and Collections

Description of Collection: 

The Social Science Data Archives maintains a collection of machine-readable survey, census, and administrative data files and provides access to publicly available data. A portion of the collection is focused on Los Angeles from a demographic, economic, social, or political viewpoint. Los Angeles-specific data may also be extracted from files in the collection that contain data from studies covering demographic areas larger than Los Angeles. To access and use the data in the files, researchers must know how to run one of the statistical software packages supported by Social Sciences Computing, such as SAS, SPSS, or STATA. Among the holdings specific to Los Angeles are data files from the Mexican American Study Project, a survey of the Hispanic community in Los Angeles (1960–1968); the Los Angeles County Social Survey, an annual survey of residents’ perceptions on a range of social, ethnic, political, and economic issues (1970–1998); and a number of U.S. Department of Justice surveys on crime, gangs, riots, and other social phenomena in twentieth-century Los Angeles. In addition to documentation for the data files, the holdings include the Eve Feidler Library, which comprises a small collection of books and pamphlets related to survey methodology, statistical analysis, and social policy.

Regions covered: 
Largely focused on United States, but also includes Canada; South, Central and Latin America; Europe; Asia; Middle East; Caribbean and Pacific; Australia


Catalog System: 
Cataloged records are arranged in the UCLA system called ORION- soon to move to ORION2. Based on ALA cataloging rules, MARC formats the machine-readable files. We have some reports/journals not cataloged. These are filed by title in pamphlet files.
Digital Formats: 
The entire collection is electronic 100%
Loans to Outside?: