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Collection Description: For over one hundred years, many notable gifts and endowments have been bestowed upon Occidental College Library for the advancement of the College mission in higher education and as an institution for the preservation of cultural heritage. With nearly 100,000 rare books, archival papers and manuscripts, visual media, paintings, prints and artifacts of unique significance in the arts, literature, theatre, book arts, and local, regional and cultural history, Special Collections supports undergraduate, scholarly and public research. Collections providing information about Los Angeles and the Southern California region include the following: • Japanese American Relocation Collection: letters, pamphlets, newspapers, and other publications related to the forced internment of people of Japanese heritage during World War II with particularly emphasis on college student relocation and higher education • Robinson Jeffers Collection: books, manuscripts, photographs, letters, editions, and other works by and about this Californian poet (1887-1962); Ward Ritchie Press Collection: examples of the work of this Los Angeles printer and book designer (1905-1996), along with Ritchie’s Christmas book collection • K. Garth Huston Plantin Press Collection: nearly all the books printed by Saul and Lillian Marks at their Plantin Press in Los Angeles between 1930 and the mid-1980s • Guymon Mystery and Detective Fiction Collection: first editions, manuscripts, film scripts, photographs, and other material in and about these genres from 1592 to 1975 • Pauley-Voorhis Western Americana Collection: first-person narratives by the men and women who explored and settled the American West • Max and Virginia Hayward Californiana Collection: first-person narratives and histories dealing with the early settlement of California • Northrop/Millar Aviation Collection: material documenting the history and development of the aviation industry in Southern California • Bill Henry Collection: personal library and papers of! the Los Angeles Times columnist (1890–1970), whose interests included the Olympic Games, modern history, presidential campaigns, and aviation in Southern California • Klamm Collection: nine thousand stereoscopic views includes images of people and places in Southern California • Upton Sinclair Collection: Collected works of writer and social activist Upton Sinclair (1878-1968), magazines, pamphlets, news clippings and materials related to End Poverty in California, EPIC, the 1934 campaign for California governorship • The College Archives: administrative records and college publications documenting college life and higher education since 1887, includes thirty-five thousand historical photographs of the college, college activities and northeastern Los Angeles • Other smaller collections include the papers of author Edna Anderson, Osgood Hardy and Charles Fletcher Lummis including Mr. Lummis' handwritten "Daily Journal" are also among the department's holdings.

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Cataloged items are organized by the Dewey Decimal system. Uncataloged items are arranged by indexes and alphabetical order.
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EAD encoded finding aids in the Online Archive of California; Digital archive of historical materials, see website for links
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