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The California Geographical Survey is a digital archive of geographical data, maps, and other information dealing with California and the United States. Although the survey’s Web site functions principally for the benefit of the students and faculty of the California State University system, the California Geographical Survey operates with the intention of making geographical information that bears on matters concerning Californians and the formulation of public policy readily accessible to private individuals and government agencies. The survey’s digital archives contain a variety of material useful both to the average citizen and to those with much more specific, technical needs. The Digital Atlas of California and the Digital Atlas of the United States, which are just two of the atlases in the survey’s Electronic Map Library, offer hundreds of detailed maps of California and its major urban centers. These maps visually present 1990 federal census data relevant to many of the economic and ethnic issues with which California, the most populous state in the nation, is grappling. Census figures on population, income, poverty, ancestry, race and ethnicity, adult education, household type, and citizenship have been mapped. The California Geographical Survey is a resource of the Department of Geography at California State University, Northridge. It is being created and maintained by Professor William Bowen and Robert Provin, who are responsible for its operation. Many of the documents are the intellectual property of individuals who have loaned their work as a public service. They request that users observe their rights and refrain from copying their work except for nonprofit classroom instruction within the public schools of California. Internet users wishing to make copies for other purposes should contact the individual authors.

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Los Angeles and California


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