L.A. as Subject Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Dale Stieber, Occidental College; Jim A. Beardsley, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Responsibilities: Promote growing and active membership and participation in Forum events and activities, through the most effective available means of communication such as personal or professional contacts, networking, mail, e-mail, newsletters, and website links. In coordination with the IT and other L.A. as Subject Committees, the Membership Committee is committed to maintaining the online membership directory by generating updated and current data, by being a point of contact for the general membership, and by taking a leading role in the engagement of current or prospective members as well as the general public.

Objectives: Increase the precision of current data in the online membership directory and pro-mote a greater attendance and participation at the bi-monthly Forum meetings and tours. The Membership Committee is also generally concerned with the efforts to broaden and enhance the scope of L.A. as Subject’s active consortium through a consistent recruitment of individuals and representatives of regional institutions and organizations—such as museums, historical or geneaological societies, and local repositories—that can provide a more robust mixture of the history of Los Angeles through their public and private archival collections related to a diversity of areas and special interests such as sports, religion, business, medicine, education, or government.

Archives Bazaar Planning Committee

Archives Bazaar Volunteer Program

Coordinator: Liza Posas

Responsibility: To solicit and coordinate volunteers for the annual Archives Bazaar Event. Volunteers are usually students located in the Southern California area and interested in the fields of library science, archives, history, and the social sciences. Volunteers are required to commit at least 3 hours on the day of the event and will be assigned to staff exhibitor booths during breaks, provide general information to the visitors, assist with the special presentation events, and act as liaison between the exhibitors and main Archives Bazaar planners. This program is part of the Archives Bazaar Planning Committee.

Objective: To assist Archives Bazaar exhibitors during the event. To expose new researchers and future professionals to individuals and institutions involved with the preservation, promotion, and use of archival material. 

L.A. As Subject Web & Technology Committee

Chair: Kenn Bicknell; Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Responsibilities: The Committee was formed in 2009 in response to the need for more efficient communication between L.A. As Subject members, as well as between L.A. As Subject and the public. The Committee keeps members and the Executive Committee apprised of how new technology, tools and resources can help achieve the overall goals of the organization.


  • We seek to leverage our collective strength by linking together our resources and activities
  • We suggest and recommend improvements to the existing subscriber electronic-mailing list and the L.A. As Subject web presence
  • We explore and assess tools and resources for conveying news and information, resource sharing, and social networking for both member institutions and the L.A. As Subject network overall
  • We value facilitating institutional partnering, technology training, and sharing best practices
  • We strive to position the organization so that we are an appealing partner for similar institutions with shared values and goals