Unraveling the History of SoCal's Patchwork of Local Government


L.A. as Subject's latest post on KCET's website features several archival photographs and maps that illuminate how Southern California's patchwork of local government bodies came to be:

As Governor Jerry Brown begins to tackle the state's budget crisis, he has suggested returning some authority - including financial responsibility - to local governments. His call has brought new attention to the complex and challenging relationships among California's counties, cities, special districts, and other governmental authorities. Our region's archives are a tremendous resource for helping us unravel and understand the history of California's patchwork of local government bodies.

The County of Los Angeles was born on February 18, 1850, as one of the state's 27 original counties. Since then, the county's borders have shifted several times. Parts of the county's original territory now belong to the neighboring counties of Ventura, Kern, San Bernardino, and Riverside.

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