LA as Subject Executive Committee meeting minutes

LA as Subject Executive Committee meeting minutes

Meeting notes for the LA as Subject Executive Committee meeting held on November 16, 2016 are included below.

Executive Committee meeting – November 16, 2016

Attendees: Liza Posas, Hollie Teltoe, Jessica Hough, David Boulé, Angel Diaz

Lost L.A. Season II

  • Next episodes are in development
  • Assignment: Identify which LAAS collections might have materials relevant to the proposed subject matter
    • Executive Committee members to review episode outlines and recommend collections to Liza Posas

LAAS website

  • Executive Committee members now have “editorial privledges” – the ability to post articles on the website
    • Angel Diaz to post Archives Bazaar images on FaceBook and LAAS site
    • Hollie Teltoe to post article on “How to Throw an LAAS Blockparty”
    • David Boulé to post General and Executive Committee meeting minutes

History Keepers:

  • Further discussion on pros and cons
    • Opportunities
      • Exhibit draws significant visitors, and media attention
      • Is a strong platform for advocating to the general public the value of preserving history, and the importance of supporting archives, museums and libraries
    • Challenges:
      • Desire to have exhibit reflect best practices, and attract most compelling objects
      • Short lead time to develop and execute
      • Venue: Light and climate control issues, security, control over signage/front desk, maximum 3-week duration of exhibit
      • Staffing requirements
        • Need professional contract registrar
    • Ideas:
      • Possible “Pop-Up exhibits” to fill-in exhibit “dark times” at area institutions
      • Pursue grant opportunities:
        • Fund traveling exhibit
        • Underwrite “self-contained,” climate-controlled exhibit cases that could be set-up in many types of environments
      • Organize related workshop on how to prepare materials for exhibit
      • Launch exhibit at El Pueblo, then move to Doheny Library exhibit space
    • Jessica Hough to draft “History Keepers” mission statement, and outline opportunities/ challenges/solutions, that can be used as basis for wider discussion with LAAS members


  • Reviewed proposals from Bill Dotson (USC Libraries grant writer) and Sue Luftschein

Archives Bazaar

  • Begin organizing committee and planning in March
  • Make a discussion topic at December general meeting
    • Need an Archives Bazaar Committee chairperson

Executive Committee

  • Need applicants to run for positions that will open in August, 2017, due to current members rotating out
  • Make a discussion topic at December general meeting

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