LA Heritage Day 2012

On Sunday, April 29, 2012, over 1000 people visited the Pico House at El Pueblo Historical Monument to learn about the region’s history at LA Heritage Day making it successful for its first year at a new location. Presented by the LA Heritage Alliance in partnership with El Pueblo, LA Heritage Day was at capacity inside the Pico House and its courtyard with over 70 groups hosting tables. Attendees entered after passing by the Arcadia Historical Society’s classic Police Cruiser, and entered into three rooms and a courtyard full of history experts, fans, and promoters. The room was abuzz most of the day as guests and exhibitors alike learned about the treasures and resources that each group brought with them to showcase their organizations mission.

Books, artifacts, posters, activities, and even sweet treats were on display and shared with history fans of all ages.   Attendees came from across Southern California from at least 85 ZIP codes taking Cars, bikes, and Metro, as well as walking. An added benefit to being at El Pueblo was the foot traffic from tourists and tour groups alike, with some attendees coming from as far away as Northern California and even Oregon! Planning for LA Heritage Day in 2013 will consider an expanded outdoor area to allow for more space and groups to have exhibits, formal presentations, and more activities and entertainment.

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