How to Participate in the Archives Bazaar Virtual Exhibit

This year’s Virtual Archives Bazaar will include an online History Keepers exhibit featuring items from member collections. We are asking members to submit items from their collections to be included in an online exhibit built in the open-source digital humanities platform, Scalar. Scalar will enable us to create an exhibit with pathways through our theme.  

Examples of Scalar exhibits.

The theme of the exhibit will be based on the ideas of “home” and, like History Keepers exhibit themes of the past, is open to broad interpretation. The main themes of ‘home’ that the exhibit will be assembled into are:

  • Los Angeles architecture and landscapes
  • Historic Home Museums
  • Migration to Los Angeles in pursuit of health and happiness
  • L.A. City as being home to the open internet, film industry, freeways, or other “L.A. firsts”
  • The community and/or cultural enclaves of L.A.
  • Other interpretations of “home”

For your exhibit submissions:

  • Each item will need its own submission form. Each Member may submit up to 3 items total. A submission form is required for each and every item.
  • 2MB or less file size is preferred, but up to 5MB is acceptable.
  • Formats include: jpg, jpeg, MP3, MP4, PDF, gif, PNG.
  • If you do not have a Gmail or Google account please download this form and email your object submission files along with the form(s) to Anuja Navare at
  • Submission Deadline: September 15 at 11:59 PM PST

The submission form is found here. Please review the requirement details carefully.


An FAQ on Exhibit submissions is here. 


A Virtual Talk-Shop session was held on Thursday, August 13 to review the form and detail the submission requirements. The slides from the presentation are here.

A recording of the presentation may be found here. Please note the screen is black towards the end of the video. 

Questions? Please email