"City in Mind: A Lyrical Map of the Concept of Los Angeles" exhibit

  The map created by J. Michael Walker will be on exhibit through October 6 at the Libros Schmibros Hammer Museum site. 

"City in Mind" is an epic, 23-foot long hand-drawn and hand-lettered map of Los Angeles, using the words and images of dozens of L.A. authors to paint a more nuanced and profound image of the sprawling city than is generally conveyed by popular media.  Glen Creason, map librarian for the Los Angeles Public Library and co-curator of "Los Angeles Unfolded" says, "It's the best new map of Los Angeles I have seen in years, and I have looked at a helluva lot of maps of this city."

To read more about the exhibit, visit http://bit.ly/nNMtci.  Images of this map can also be found here: http://jmichaelwalker.posterous.com/