Basement Tapes Day @ the Archives Bazaar

Schedule for Basement Tapes Day 2020: 10am-3pm

Basement Tapes Day provides the public with access to vintage audio playback devices so they can listen to the home recordings on open-reel tapes, cassettes, and micro-cassettes that have been sitting in their attics or basements for years. The annual event is staffed by volunteers from Los Angeles’ audio preservation community — archivists, engineers, collectors, restoration experts, conservators, and graduate students from UCLA’s Media Archival Studies program. Attendees can hear and publicly share their tapes, while learning about the history of recorded sound, common deterioration issues with magnetic audio formats, and how to best store and care for their collections. In addition to tape listening sessions, this year’s event features presentations from Library of Congress audio preservation engineers, the British Library, and more, as well as live segments with Basement Tapes Day event organizers in Toronto and Montreal. Full schedule to be posted soon, but you can RSVP now here:

For more details on how to submit open reel, cassette, or microcassette home recordings email

10:00 AM: Welcome to Basement Tapes Day!
10:20 AM: Introduction to Audio Tape – Bryan Hoffa, Library of Congress
10:30 AM: Unlocking Our Sound Heritage – Will Prentice, British Library

**** Tape Listening Sessions ****

11:00 AM: Association of Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) – President Rebecca Chandler
11:15 AM: Introduction to Audio Cylinders – Melissa Widzinski, Library of Congress
11:30 AM: Ask an Audio Preservation Engineer – Dan Figurelli, Indiana University’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative

**** Tape Listening Sessions ****

12:00 PM: Basement Tapes Day Montréal
12:20 PM: Introduction to Instantaneous Discs – Jesse Kenas-Collins

**** Tape Listening Sessions ****

1:00 PM: The Mixtape Museum – Regan Sommer McCoy, Founder
1:20 PM: Introduction to Diamond Discs – Kabir Hermon, Library of Congress
1:30 PM: Basement Tapes Day Toronto
2:00 PM: UCLA iSchool/Student Chapter of ARSC – Maya Edmond, Joaquin Peres, Andrew Thompson, Shawn VanCour 

**** Tape Listening Sessions ****

2:30 PM: How Home Recording Began (1890s-1940s) – Patrick Feaster, Indiana University’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative

2:45 PM: Closing comments